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Dick Stories
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Welcome to Adventures with Dick, a place to post stories (no images, just stories...) about penises... your penis, other people's penises, etc. Here are the house rules.

1> No naming names or talking about someone else's penis in such a way that it can be determined who you are talking about without their prior approval. We like our dicks to be discreet and anonymous. I don't want to hear about how that boyfriend you really hated has two marbles and an acorn. Abusive posts will be deleted.

2> By subscribing to and/or posting to the dickstories / Adventures with Dick community, you agree to grant the creator of the community or their authorized representatives the right to freely distribute, publish, edit, or publically perform your writing. You will not be credited unless such a credit is specifically requested. In other words, it might be kind of cool to make a printed collection of dick stories one day, and I would appreciate being able to use yours.

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