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OMFG I Found IT!!!!!

I found my sweet spot on my cock!!! The stimulation spot that makes me cum like a broken dam!!!!!

If you know a penis... there are 3 stimulation spots.. The outer ring of the head, the underlying skin on the bottomside of the head, and around the base area of the cock..

So recently I had been masturbating too long with a condom on and I kinda got a small burn on the upper-side of my cock... Little scab formed later and I was unable to masturbate with the outer head stimulation area... But I wanted to orgasm so bad... So I decided to try stroking my base stimulation area.. I started feeling a powerful more consistant feel of an orgasm.. I was stunned by the feeling and most importantly by stimulating that area I kept an extremely stable hard-on feeling like my cock was going to explode from the blood rush..

It's the best damn orgasms I've ever experienced in my life.. Base stimulation OMFG!!!!! No wonder why I love deep throat, full penetration and hand-jobs with oral... I just can't have outer head ring stimulation anymore.. it's just so weak now compared to base mmmmmmmmm..... I'm hoping base stimulation will lead me into multiple orgasms soon.. seriously today I thought I was going to have multiples.. GOD IT WAS SO FUCKEN GREAT AND POWERFUL MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!
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