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(an old story)

This was written in response to something somone on my list posted about lying in bed masturbating.


I pounce on you, pushing you back against the bed. I hold your arms down and bend over you, whispering in your ear, "What have you been doing you little slut?"

I don't wait for your answer. Your obviously wet panties and the smell of wet cunt on your fingertips tells me all I need to know. I bite your earlobe lightly, then harder. "Have you gotten off yet?" I ask. You shake your head no. "Good, you will," I whisper.

I continue to hold you down while kissing you roughly. You fight against me, but it's no use, you're pinned. I lean over you and take your nipple in my mouth, teasing it lightly. I continue to tease you; I know you want me to be rougher.

I give in and start biting and sucking on your nipple. You moan loudly and push yourself against me. I laugh. "You want something from me?," I ask. You moan again and shoot me a dirty but still horny look: "You know what I want."

"Well, you're going to have to get me off first, slut," I reply. "You're going to have to suck my cock and make me cum before I let you cum."

I let your arms go and push you down on the bed. I roll off of you and move my lower half closer to your upper half. My cock, half hard, bobs lewdly near your head. You quickly take me in your mouth.

You work my cock over with your mouth and lips and tongue. You're pulling out all the tricks, I can feel it. You take me most of the way out of your mouth, licking the underside of the head, and then pull me back in, deep, til I'm tickling the back of your throat. I hear you gag, but I don't care.

You go faster, moving back and forth over my cock, and I take over, fucking your mouth. "Play with my balls and make me cum, slut," I whisper hoarsly. You reach between my legs and squeeze my balls. I fuck your mouth harder; I want to cum.

You continue to rub and squeeze my balls with one hand and put the other on my ass, almost pushing me further into your mouth. "After you cum, you can play with yourself, but only ::moan:: after you've made me cum first."

I feel like you're taking me even deeper and I don't know if it's actually happening or just in my mind. I don't think I care. All I want to do is cum; everything else isn't important. You pull away from my cock and look up at me and say, "Fuck I want you to cum, Matt. I want you to cum hard." You start to masturbate me, letting my cock rest on your lips and tongue.

The hand that was on my ass is now reaching between my legs. I know what you want to do and spread my legs slightly. You run your fingers over my asshole and I moan loudly again. That's all the invitation you need, apparently, and you quickly push a finger into my ass. I moan in response. You take just the head of my cock into your mouth and swirl your tongue around it. I can feel my cum rising up. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum... fuck!" I yell.

You push a second finger into my ass and continue to suck on just my cock head. I cum, hard. Over and over again I shoot into your mouth. You always make me shoot so much cum. I finally stop and look down and see that I overflowed your mouth. There's cum all over your lips. I can see it pooled in your mouth, a sticky white cum puddle. You swallow once, twice. You got most of it but there's still some in your mouth and on your face. "Clean yourself up, slut, and clean me up too," I order you. You use your fingers to collect all the cum from your face, lewdly licking them clean. You then lean over and take my semi-hard cock back into your warm, wet mouth. You suck on it lightly and I can feel your tongue running up and down my cock, searching for the few last drops of spunk you know I still have for you. When you're done, you lean back down on the bed, and look at me expectantly.

I see your hands creep towards your cunt. I nod at you, and grin. Now it's your turn. Your right hand rushes downward, while your left comes up and you grab your breast roughly. You close your eyes and arch your back and moan loudly. You start running your fingers over your clit and lips, your hand quickly becoming a blur. You've been holding it in for half an hour now, and I know you're going to explode. You open your eyes and see me staring at your face. Your breath is coming in short gasps.

"Cum for me, slut. I want to see you cum."

You're rubbing yourself faster. Your cunt looks so wet and abused. I want to taste it, but I know that you'll be cumming soon, and I don't want you to stop masturbating. You look so hot, lying there, two fingers in your cunt, your other hand rubbing your clit. You stop what you're doing and open your eyes, then start again. I know you want me to help, but I'm not going to give in, not this time. You moan loudly and arch your back and start cumming. "Ohhhh fuck..." you trail off.

Your hands are still between your legs, teasing and playing. "Did you like that Matt?" you ask. I roll over and you see my hard cock jutting out between my legs. "Yeah, you could say that," I answer, and laugh.

"Ready for round two?"
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